• Space

  • What is The Kee’s Capacity?

    Our overall building’s capacity is 1,400 including staff, so about 1,350 total guests.

    Our venue’s capacity is 700 including staff, so about 685 total guests (that is included in the 1,400 count above).

    Our other space capacities can be found in our space listing, but please inquire with our event coordinator because those are capacities for standard setup and our event layouts are customizable!

  • Events

  • How do I find out about events happening at The Kee?

    We do our best to post all of our events (or at least the ones that are open to the public) on our website, Instagram, and TikTok. We also have an email list you can sign up for here.

  • Where do I enter for my event?

    It depends! If your event is happening in our venue space, you will enter in our special events entrance in McKee Alley. If your event is happening elsewhere in the building, you will enter through our main entrance on Neilston Street.

  • Does The Kee throw their own events?

    Occasionally! But most of the time, others are hosting their events in our space(s).

  • What kind of events do you do at The Kee?

    If you can dream it, we can probably do it! The Kee proudly supports local people, groups, and organizations of all types. We don’t discriminate against any particular medium of art, genre of music, nor group of people. From creatives to gamers to professionals, we welcome everybody to host parties and events in our space! That includes concerts, weddings, corporate events, comedy shows, poetry nights, panels, networking mixers, game nights, cornhole leagues, and much more.

  • Does it cost to throw an event at The Kee?

    It depends on the type of event and space within our building! 


    Generally speaking, we do not charge space rentals, mostly just food/beverage minimums and any required staffing beyond our standard offerings. 

    If you are throwing an event that is open to the public, let’s talk! We may be able to accommodate you with no space rental and no minimums in some of our spaces, particularly our cafe. If your event is private or ticketed, see our offerings and discuss with our event coordinator.

    See our offerings here and inquire with us by filling out this form. These offerings are a good starting point, but be sure to discuss any questions or concerns with our event coordinator, because every event is unqiue!

  • Does The Kee cater events?

    Yes, we offer a delicious catering menu full of Middle Eastern-style American classics – all made in house! Note that we do not do to-go catering, we solely cater events happening under our roof.

  • How long is an event rental?

    Depends on the type of event!
    For large events: 4 hours plus 1 hour set up and 1 hour tear down. 

    For small events: event time plus 30 mins set up and 30 mins tear down. 

    If you need more time, simply discuss with our event coordinator. Note that you may be charged for additional required staffing.

  • Do you charge a deposit for events?

    Yes, see event listing for deposit policies according to type of event.

  • Do you offer any discounts on events?

    We offer a 20% discount on general events for nonprofits, community groups, and artists throwing events on Wednesdays and Thursdays. 

  • Booking

  • How do I book an event at The Kee?

    By filling out this form! And then a member of our booking team will get back with you ASAP. Our email is

  • When does the Kee offer event bookings?

    Wednesday-Saturday 430-midnight and Sunday 7am-7pm. Other requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis, but are rare.

  • Can The Kee book vendors and such for me?

    Our coordinator will help you with whatever they can, and for the things they can’t book, they’ll try to steer you in the right direction.

    Things we take care of:

    • Catering (from booking to cooking!)
    • Event staffing (servers, bartenders, etc.)
    • Booking event rentals such as tables, chairs, linens, glassware, decor, etc. (feel free to create a login at to see what they have in stock and their prices).
    • Receiving, returning, setting up and tearing down equipment from EventSource
    • Booking sound/lighting/AV needs and techs (but you’re also welcome to bring/rent your own).


    Things we can’t do:

    • We cannot help with things like booking hotels for your guests.
  • Dining

  • Can I bring my own food/bev?

    Generally speaking, no. Cake is an exception.

  • General

  • Can I park at The Kee?

    Yes! There’s more parking in the immediate vicinity than we could need even if we packed the place out. So, you and your guests shouldn’t ever have to worry about finding a spot within a block or so. The lot bordering The Kee and McKee Alley is $5 and there is metered parking and other parking lots around as well.


  • Is The Kee wheelchair accessible?

    Yes, we are ADA approved. Parking is close to the venue as well.

  • Does The Kee have event equipment on site?

    What we do have:

    • Built in speakers zoned to each room in the building.
    • 12 – 4×8 stages that can be conjoined together or broken up.
    • A small portable sound system (It has nice speakers as well as sound and mic plug ins. Note that this is not a full on sound system and is most optimal for acoustic performances, comedy shows, poetry events, and panels.).
    • 8’x15’ LED wall space separators.
    • Stanchions.


    What we don’t have: 

    • We have lots of tables and chairs throughout our space with the exception of the venue. In the venue, there are just 30 stools around the bar. If you need tables, chairs, etc. for your event in the venue, you will have to rent all of that. 
    • For events in the venue, we do not have linens, glassware, plateware, etc. so you will have to rent all of that. 
    • Note that we will book all of your selections for you through EventSource (they have a wide selection of items for all budgets!) and our staff will take care of receiving, dropping off, setting up, and tearing down.
    • We do not have a full sound system, particularly for events in the venue. Same goes for lights and other AV needs. We can book you sound, lights, projectors, techs, etc. through one of our vendors or you may bring or rent your own.
  • Can I bring my own stuff/vendors?

    It depends on what we are talking about!

    • Catering/Food/Bev – NO, that’s all done in-house by The Kee.
    • Event rentals such as tables, chairs, linens, glassware – NO, we book through Eventsource
    • Sound, lighting, AV needs – YES, book through us or bring/rent your own.
    • Other decor – YES, can be ordered through us/Eventsource, but can also bring some of your own.
    • Entertainment – YES, we can help book or refer you to people, but you can also bring your own.
    • Photographers, Florists, etc. – YES, we can help book or refer you, but you can also bring your own.
  • Do you have event equipment storage?

    Yes! We have storage for standard event equipment and it’s located right between the loading area and venue.

  • Do you have a green room / bridal suite?

    Yes! It’s got a private bathroom, makeup station, and sofa and it’s located in the hallway between our venue and the loading area (perfect for a private entrance if you really need one!)

  • Can I leave my stuff on site and get it the next day?

    We can discuss, but generally no, not unless it was booked through us. In that case, we will ensure it gets picked up and dropped off to the vendor. But otherwise, we require you take your equipment with you so we are not liable for it overnight.

  • Does The Kee allow all ages?

    Generally, The Kee is kid-free (21+) after 8pm. 

    There are a couple of exceptions: 

    Special events in our venue such as concerts may permit different ages. Please see the ticketing website description for more detail!

    Special events such as weddings in our venue may be permitted to have children.

  • Is there WIFI?

    Yes! Please see a Host or Server for the Wifi password.

  • Does The Kee have a cancellation policy or penalty?

    Yes, see event listing for cancellation policies according to type of event.

  • Will I be charged any fees?

    Yes, we charge a 20% service fee on all food and beverage so we can pay our staff a living wage. That’s true whether you’re dining with us or hosting/attending an event.

  • What payment types does The Kee accept?

    We accept all credit cards, debit cards and ApplePay. We do not accept cash at any pay stations

  • Are reservations necessary for the Virtual Gaming Simulator?

    No! Our Virtual Gaming Simulators are free to the public, so long as the area isn’t closed for a private event.

    All 3 SportSim bays are available on a first come, first served basis.  

    Virtual Gaming Simulator Rules –  No outside clubs, balls or cleated golf shoes.

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